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I supervise graduate students who are pursuing degrees in the Departments of Sociology or History & Classics (or a combination of both disciplines). In general, I supervise students who are interested in contemporary social policy and/or historical sociology. Some of the areas I supervise include human rights (law and activism), social movements, law and society, labour studies, and Canada-Australia comparative research.

I have also worked with students in preparing freedom-of-information requests at the federal and provincial level, conducting interviews and oral history, gaining ethics approval, and designing websites.

Cross-Disciplinary Linkages: Sociology, History, International Relations, Law, Political Science, Women’s Studies, Labour Studies, Educational Policy Studies.

There is generous funding available for graduate and postdoctoral studies at the University of Alberta. The Department of Sociology guarantees funding to all M.A. and PhD students. There are several scholarships or fellowships available through the Department for human rights and social movements studies, as well as funding to attend conferences and conduct field research. For further information, contact me and visit





Teaching History

SOC 203: Social Problems
SOC 260: Inequality and Social Stratification
SOC 343: Social Movements
SOC 496: Human Rights in International Perspective
SOC 549: Social Movements
SOC 519: Comparative and Historical Research Methods
SOC603: Human Rights in Theory & Practice

CNST 1110: American Power in Canada
CNST 1150: Quebec Nationalism
HIST 359: Violence and Social Protest in Canada
HIST 398: Nation and Nationalism in Canadian History
HIST 426: Twentieth Century Canadian History (citizen and nation)
HIST 426: 20th Century Canadian History (survey)
HIST 469: Human Rights in International Perspective

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