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I am committed to the principle that the community should benefit from the expertise of scholars. Currently, I sit on the board of directors of several community organizations, I participate in local community activities, and I am actively engaged with the local and national media. Among my most research collaborations include projects with the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies and the Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies.


I have served on the following committees and organizations currently or in the past:

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Aid to Research Workshops and Conferences Grants (a.k.a. Connections Grant Committee)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Insight Development Grants

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Partnerships Grant Committee

Fonds québécois de recherche Société et Culture, Team Collaboration Grants (Soutien aux équipes de recherché)

Canadian Museum for Human Rights, National Human Rights Advisory Committee

Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Awards to Scholarly Publications Program, Publications Committee

Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Task Force on New Scholars


Associate Editor, Canadian Review of Sociology

Editorial Board, Social Inclusion


Board of Directors, Centre for Constitutional Studies, University of Alberta

Board of Directors, John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

Board of Directors (Secretary-Treasurer), Canadian Committee on Women’s History

Board of Directors, Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Board of Directors (Secretary), Canadian Committee on Labour History

Board of Directors, Association for Canadian Studies

Board of Directors, British Columbia Civil Liberties Association

Board of Directors, Canadian Historical Association

Conseil académique, L’Institut d’études canadiennes de l’Université de l’Alberta

Board of Directors (VP Student Affairs), University of British Columbia, Graduate Students Association


Research Affiliate, Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society


Eugene Forsey Prize, Canadian Committee on Labour History

Hilda Neatby Prize, Canadian Committee on Women’s History


Chair, Canadian Historical Association Nominating Committee

Chair, Accessibility Task Force, Queen’s University

Co-Chair, Canadian Historical Association Task Force on Becoming an Historian Booklet


Vice-Chair (Research), Canadian Graduate Council


Co-Chair, Canada and the Sixties Workshop (program)

Chair, Law and History Workshop (program)


  • University of Alberta Service
  • -Faculty Evaluation Committee
  • -Arts Faculty Council
  • -Support for the Advancement of Scholarship, Adjudication Committee
  • -Academic Staff Hiring Screening Committee
  • -Advisory Evaluation Committee
  • -Graduate Admission and Awards
  • -Graduate Program and Policy
  • -Undergraduate Teaching Committee


Submissions and Briefs

Dominique Clément, Will Silver, and Dan Trottier. Research Report to Obtain Expert Knowledge on and the Analysis of the Evolution of Canadians’ Conceptions of Human Rights in the Twentieth Century. Ottawa: Canadian Human Rights Commission, 2012.

Brief to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Content Advisory Committee, 2009

Open letter to the information and privacy commissioner of British Columbia (auditing policy for BC archives), 2007

Memorandum, University of Victoria, Intellectual Freedom and Freedom of Information, British Columbia Archives, 2007

Memorandum, British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, Potential Human Rights Violations for the 2010 Olympics, 2005

New Technologies in Library and Archives Canada, Brief to Ian Wilson, librarian and archivist of Canada, from the Canadian Historical Association, 2004

The Academy as Community, Report of the Task Force on New Scholars, Canadian Federation for the Social Sciences and Humanities, 2004

A New Vision for Graduate Studies in Canada,” Canadian Historical Association Bulletin 30, 1, 2004.

Letter to Marc Renaud, SSHRC president, Executive summary of national survey of graduate students in history in Canada, 2002

    • Any use of material or referencing content from should be acknowledged by the User and cited as follows:

  • Clément, Dominique. “page title or document title.” Canada’s Human Rights History. (date accessed).

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